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Wash & Fold

Item Price
Wash & Fold [Per Pound] @ Gain $1.29 Add
Wash & Fold [Per Pound] @ All Free and Clear (scent free) $1.29 Add
Wash & Fold [Per Pound] @ Tide $1.39 Add
King Comforter $30.00 Add
Queen Comforter $25.00 Add
Twin or Full Comforter $20.00 Add
Any Size Blanket $15.00 Add
Any Size Down Comforter $30.00 Add
Down Pillow $15.00 Add
Regular Bed Pillow $8.00 Add
Mattress Pad $15.00 Add
Sleeping Bag $15.00 Add
Down Jacket/coat $20.00 Add
Extra Wash (Heavy Soil) $5.00 Add

Miscellaneous- Gratuity,Laundry Bags etc.

Laundry Bags,Gratuity Etc.

Item Price
Gratuity $1.00 Add
"The Washery" Laundry Bag $8.00 Add

Boat Covers

3- day turnaround- Line Dry

Item Price
Boat cover Wash $25.00 Add
Wash & Waterproofing (Canvas) $40.00 Add
Shorestation Cover - Wash $35.00 Add
Shorestation Cover - Wash/Waterproof $55.00 Add

Farm Laundry-308 Lincoln, Line Dry

Processed in our 308 Lincoln ave Facility Please allow 7 days turnaround due to line dry

Item Price
Blanket (Any Size) Farm $20.00 Add
Blanket W/Hood (Any size) Farm $25.00 Add
Blanket Cover Farm $8.00 Add
Fly Sheet $18.00 Add
Fly Sheet w/Mask $20.00 Add
Fly Mask $8.00 Add
Fleece Cooler $19.00 Add
Saddle Pad (English) $7.00 Add
Saddle Pad (Western) $15.00 Add
Neck Wrap $10.00 Add
Splint Boots (set of 2) $10.00 Add
Leg Wraps (4) $11.00 Add
Dog Bed $16.00 Add
Girth Fleece Wash $10.00 Add
Extra Wash (Heavy Soil) $8.00 Add
Waterproofing (NikWax RugProof) $25.00 Add
Standard Storage bag (Free) $TBD Add
Waterproof Hood (NikWax RugProof) $10.00 Add
Vinyl Zipper storage bag (Wear-N-Tear bags) $2.50 Add

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Available only for morning pick ups of wash and fold items.